Good to Meet You

Hi, I live in Kingwood Texas, with my husband and three beautiful children.

Fun Facts About Me

I love roses
I love the ocean and breathtaking sunsets
I am a lab lover
I play the piano and the drums
I have a teachers education degree
I love cuppacinos
My favourite dessert is chocolate mousse or lemon merigue.
I love listening to music – any music but especially country, gospel and rock and pop
I practically wear the same jewellry every day
I love the sound of the breeze through the trees
I love shoes!
I cant stop taking photos of my children (which drives them nuts)
I am petrified of spiders
I do not eat any seafood
I Iove watching the colors of the sunsets
I adore humming birds
I find being around horses, so calming to the soul

Life is an awfully big adventure …

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