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A non-refundable 50% deposit is due on the day of the booking to secure your booking date. The balance will be due on the day of the photoshoot.


No cameras, nor cell phones are allowed to be used during the session. All images are professionally edited but complex retouching may involve an additional fee. You will receive your images within three weeks from the session date.  The photographer holds all rights to all images to be used for marketing purposes which includes using images on social media pages for any form of advertising and on the website.


Once your booking has been confirmed, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.


For newborn sessions, I make every effort to ensure you receive gorgeous, timeless images.  It is of utmost importance you follow the newborn preparation guidelines given to increase our chances of a nice sleepy baby.  As much as I wish I was a baby whisperer, please know that I cannot guarantee your little bundle will sleep during the session.  Every baby is different and unfortunately, some are very alert and despite best efforts do not want to sleep images are not rescheduled and I will continue to take the best images that I can with an awake baby.


That is why the newer baby is, the sleepier they are and the easier they are to get into the poses.

Family Sessions

What is the best to wear?

Decide whether you would like a more fromal look or a more csual look. Then decide on a color scheme and all wear the same color or different shades of the color.

Summer colors that look great: blue, yello, blue-checked shirts, jeans, shorts, beige, whites, kaki cargo pants
Fall colors: maroon, browns, green, mustards, kaki. Scarves, boots awlays look good.
Winter colors: grey, whites, boots, scarves, jackets, beanies, cozy clothing.

I have a few gowns as well for Mom and Daughter to chose from and some accessories for the boys to have some fun with.

When do we pay?

Payment is done in full before your shoot and only once I have recived proof of payment will your booking be confirmed. My banking details are on the following page but also uon my website under contact details.

For little once...
Bring a snack and juice along and perhaps a toy or colouring in book in case they need a bit of time out as it can be tiring for little ones.

Maternity Sessions

When is the best time to do my maternity session?

The later the better.  Your baby bump really needs to be showing.

Is my partner included in the session?

Yes of course your partner is included in the session

Are Siblings allowed?

Absolutely... I LOVE sibling shots.  but i cant guarantee it.  for very young siblings for it is very difficult if they dont want to comply - you cannot force them.  Bringing a nanny or gran along can help keep them occupied whilst the shoot takes place

How long after the seeion will  our images be ready?

I try to have the images read within 2-3 weeks following your shoot.   There is also a reprint order form as well as canvas price lists and coffee table albums prices may be requested

What to wear?

I have a few maternity gowns to choose from.  But please bring for your and your partner a plain white tshirt or dress as well as a plain black tshirt (no buttons , pockets or logo).  Your partner can wear jeans or beige chinos.
Mom must also bring a white crop top and black along and if you would like like nude or underwear shots bring some pretty underwear. Some of my gowns are thing to show the bump off so its always nice to have pretty wehite panties on underneath.
If you are happy to do tasteful nude photos or topless photos done then please let me know. Soe  moms love these and some just are not up for that.  It is totally up to you.

Newborn Sessions

what should we bring with us?

Lots of nappies! If you will be fomula feeding bring lots of extra formula. If you are nursing, be prepared to nurse a few times while you are here. I keep the studio very warm for the babies so please dress accordingly. Please also bring a dummy if baby uses one.

Do we need to bring props?

I've got loads of props including bonnets, outfits, headbands, baskets, you name it. Feel free to bring special sentimental things that you may wish to have photographed. (mammograms, heirlooms, spcial bracelet or necklace)

Can we do portraits of the new baby with it's siblings?

Absolutely... I LOVE sibling shots. But I can't guarntee it for very young siblings. If they are not up for it, it is very difficult to ge them compoy and yo cant force them.   Something I really suggest is to bring either a nanny with to play outside with them once they are done or arrange for them to be collected after their portion of the session.

When do we pay you?

Payment is done in full before your shooot and only once i have received proof of payment will your booking be confirmed.  My banking details are on the following page but also on my wesite under contact details.

How long after the session will our images be ready?

I try to have the images ready within 2-3 weeks following your s hoot. There is alos a reprint order form as well as canvas price lists and coffee table albums prices may be requested should you wish.

if you have any colour preferences for the shoot please let me know in advance so I can plan the session according to those colours.

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